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Dog Grooming at Home

Amazing Cut!

As the weeks under COVID-19 "stay at home" order continue to add up, our pup Bear was starting to get a little shaggy and a trip to his regular groomer remains out of the question. We finally decided to take things into our own hands and take a chance at grooming Bear ourselves.

I watched several YouTube videos related to grooming Shih Tzus (Bear is a Yorkie Shih Tzu combo). Then I ordered a few pairs of specialized scissors and clippers (listed below) and worked up the courage and jumped in. Pretty happy with the results! But I (and I'm sure Bear too) can't wait until he can once again keep his regular groomer appointments.

Here are some of the tools I used:

This was probably my biggest find: the Scardey Cut Scissors. Basically, these are a pair of scissors that do what an electric clipper would do. If your pet is not a fan of the buzzing of electric clippers, check these out.

Grooming Kit

Irene found this cool multi-tool: a cordless clipper, paw pad clipper, nail grinder. I used this to round off Bear's nails after I clipped them and to trim the difficult to get to hair (he actually has hair not fur) between the pads on his paws.

 Electronic Nail Trimmer

I rounded out my toolbox with these (just click on the various images for links):

Pet Comb

Master Grooming Tools

Master Grooming Tools for Eyes

Pet Grooming Sheers

 Nail Clippers


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