XL Jane - Slouch Bag - Leather Olive

$ 750.00

A little Slouchy and full of swagger.. Take it Easy

The name "Jane" for our bag is inspired by the iconic Jane Birkin, a British actress and pop singer known for her effortless style. Her legacy, including the famous Hermès Birkin designer handbag. In homage to her timeless elegance and individuality, the "Jane" embodies sophistication, clean lines, and effortless slouch, celebrating the spirit of grace and beauty that Jane Birkin epitomized throughout her life.

Perfect for travel or carrying your daily essentials and laptop.

100% Made in California

100% Supple Leather

Hand-Painted Yellow Leather Strap

D-rings to change out your strap or add a crossbody

Dark navy blue nylon lining

Magnetic Button Closure

Side pockets for your daily essentials such as your phone and glasses


Bag: 16H x 21W x 8D

Strap: 21 inches clip to clip

About the leather:

The leather will age and darken into a rich patina over time which will make the leather soft and suppler. Although scratching will occur, we do not view these marks as defects they are a mark of natural leather.

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